Main event: (un)limiTED


For humans, words of encouragement and motivation are extremely important in order to achieve our goals and dreams. These words do not only provide us with new perspectives and ideas but also helps us to thrive towards reaching our objectives in life. Unfortunately, these words have been overused and the fundamental meaning and significance has been lost. Even though these expressions are important in reflecting human capacity to unlimited goals, its power has weakened over time. In order to recuperate for this loss, TEDxWasedaU is here to provide (un)limiTED, a new interpretation to the meaning of those words, to show the world of its infinite possibilities. The team has concluded that (un)limiTED is a state where humans are no longer tied down by their boundaries. Each and every person has the potential to broaden his or her horizon without restrictions.

Today, we live in a society where all human beings are connected in some way. However we are often blinded by daily challenges and limitations in our life, which come in different shapes and forms. This prevents us from achieving our (un)limiTED goals. It is crucial to remember the (un) of (un)limiTED as these two simple letters completely transforms our perception of the world and frees us from limitations.

On that remark, TEDxWasedaU team members would like to welcome everyone to the 2015 “Challenge (un)limiTED” event to remember that there is no such thing as limitation.

人間にとって、励ましの言葉やモチベーションは夢や目標をかなえるためにとても重要なものです。それらの言葉は私たちに新たな視点やアイデアを与えてくれるだけでなく、人生において目標を追求し続ける力にもなります。しかし、これらの言葉は今やありふれていて、その根本的な意味や重要性が失われてきています。このような言葉の表現が、際限ないゴールを目指す人間の可能性を考える際に大きな力を持つとしても、そのような力は弱くなってきています。この失われた力を取り戻すためにTEDxWasedaUは無限な可能性の世界を現すため、(un)limiTEDに新しい定義をつけました。(un)limiTEDの状態で人はどのような制約にもとらわれていません。 全ての人たちが自分自身のアイデアと無限なポテンシャルを広げて出すことが出来ると私たちは信じています。



TEDxWasedaUはみなさまを、6月20日の”Challenge (un)limiTED“へご招待します。


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