What is TEDxWasedaU?



TEDxWasedaU was founded in 2011, by the students of Waseda University. TEDxWasedaU consists of students from various backgrounds with the mission of embracing cultural diversity and providing opportunities to exchange, share, and spread ideas. This will help to achieve TED’s vision of having “Ideas worth spreading.”

TEDxWasedaU is a non-profit organization that aims to expand the outlook of the organization TED. TEDxWasedaU is one of the largest student organized TEDx communities in Japan, holding a major event and a few community based salon talks and discussions annually. In addition, a Student Speaker Competition (SSC) is also held once a year to recruit students as potential speakers for the main event. Starting from 2014-2015, TEDxWasedaU gained 2 new licenses, Salon and Live. With total 3 different licenses, TEDxWasedaU is spreading interesting and innovative ideas to local communities.


TEDxWasedaUは2011年に早稲田大学の学生により設立されました。TEDxWasedaUでは留学生、日本人学生を含め様々な環境で教育を受けた学生が活発にコミュニケーションを交わし、TEDの「Ideas worth spreading」(様々なアイディアを世界の人々に広めよう)というビジョンを達成するために、多様な文化の中から生まれるアイディアを尊重、重視し活動しています。