2012 Main event: Make a Difference

Name: Mr. Ken Soetanto
Title: Motivational Education: Inspire & Save the Next

Name: Ms. Masako Yonekawa
Title: Does Aid REALLY Help People?

Name: Mr. Jullian Worrall
Title: Cosmopolitasianicity

Name: Mr. Christopher Pokarier
Title: Know Thy Comparative Advantage

Name: Ms. Rina Bovrisse
Title: Pop

2013 Main event: Looking Through The Kaleidoscope

Name: Mr. Tatsuya Nukaga

Name: Mr. Greg Dvorak
Title: Connecting Dots

Name: You-yu Bounce
Title: 温故知新

Name: Mr. Sardor Uzakov
Title: Be a Traveler. Not a Tourist.

Name: Ms. Claire Leppord
Title: What is Educaion?

Name: Mr. Tokuyuki Wada
Title: The Green Friend

Name: Mr. Naoya Aoki
Title: Performance

Name: Mr. Tohru Sugahara
Title: The power of smiling

2014 main event: Designing Connectivity

Name: Ms. Yumiko Murakami
Title: Creative minds of Japanese housewives

Name: Ms. Lena-Grace Suda
Title: The veil of being female

Name: Mr. David Holley
Title: International life

Name: Mr. Kan-Ichi Segawa
Title: Dance dance dance

Name: LIGHTMAN x MaiMuTou
Title: Video mapping and pantomime

Name: Mr. Gosuke Uno
Title: Have a nice dream

Name: Ninja Beats feat. Hibiki Kubo
Title: Break stereotypes, connect the world

Name: Mr. Jeffrey Jousan
Title: Getting back to Tohoku

2015 main event: (un)limiTED

Name: Mr. Kentaro Kuroishi
Title: キャリアに保険をかけよう

Name: Ms. Natsuyo Nobumoto Lipschutz
Title: Living in the YES

Name: Mr. Takamasa Kawasaki
Title: The little snippets of Diversity we need

Name: Mr. Tomohiko Hara
Title: How Ramen became Ramen-Dining

Name: Mr. Tatsuya Yoshioka
Title: Do You Know How to Create Peace

Name: Mr. Steve Sakanashi
Title: For The Good of All

Name: Mr. Ocean Gibson
Title: The Garden of Language

Name: Ms. Yvonne Yap Ying Ying
Title: Why we need secrets